How to Find an Internet Marketing Mentor for Free

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Everybody who desires to work online requires an internet marketing mentor. There's no way around this for the reason that there is way too much to learn!

Just like a doctor wouldn't perform surgery without going to school first, or a pilot wouldn't fly without instruction, internet bussinessmen cannot expect to have prosperity without an internet marketing mentor.

You might say, "But I've been a businessman all my life!" And while that might give you a slight edge, having a restaurant or different company doesn't prepare you to know how to do PPC advertising or recruiting people through Facebook.

In fact, If I had to do it all over again, the first thing I would accomplish would be to look for an internet marketing mentor. The great majority of newbies, including myself a while back, hear concerning some fantastic thing they can do online, and then wander around the internet aimlessly without a real plan of how to do anything.

You see, an internet marketing mentor may plug you in to what's working. They can show you what they've done to produce leads and sales, including tips as well as secrets they've learned along the way.

Furthermore, somebody who's been around the block knows other people who've been around the block. It's the fastest way to become part of a team of marketers who know what they're doing as well as can help you out.

In fact, the most profitable idea I've ever had for my company came from somebody I take for an internet marketing mentor.

Where do you encounter an Internet Marketing Mentor?

There are two methods you may take. The first is to shell out the bucks for a giant, big-time marketer to train you. He could charge you a hundred bucks for a half hour, or $10,000 to visit his house for a day. Either way, it can be a tad pricey (primarily since a half hour isn't sufficient time to have your business headed in the adequate direction).

Or, you can find somebody who'll do it for free!

In order to accomplish this, you can't really expect somebody earning $1,000,000 a year to take the time to teach you. Ideally, you desire somebody who's simply starting to deal with some success, but still have time to train you a little.

Of course, you need to furthermore like in what way they market themselves. If they're focused on creating articles, but you prefer video, then you should probably locate somebody more suited to tutor you what you want.

Now, how may you get somebody to be your internet marketing mentor for free?

First of all, I would find someone who has a blog. You see, people hand out huge amounts of gold nuggets about themselves, their business, as well as how they market on their blog. You may find out a great deal about a person that way.

Then, you can start commenting on their blog, complimenting them for what they do, plus how much value they've provided you. Then, you may head on over to Skype and Facebook and add them. First of all, you'll absolutely just want to be a good friend to that person and never, ever try to sell them!

Once you're friends, the other marketer will never look at it like they're training you, but rather answering questions you have and discussing original marketing techniques.

In conclusion, what it actually comes down to is that the initial thing you should to get going is to find an internet marketing mentor. Get yourself plugged in and get to know a bunch of marketers out there. If you're in MLM, find others in your same MLM. These people will be happy to help you out.

Take care!

Erin Smith

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How to Find an Internet Marketing Mentor for Free

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This article was published on 2011/04/12