Internet Marketing For MLM - Avoid These "Shortcuts"

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When it comes to Internet marketing for your MLM business, are there "shortcuts" to success?  Yes, but not all shortcuts are good ones -- or ones that actually work.  Here are a couple you want to avoid.

1. Internet Marketing For MLM Bad Shortcut #1 - Company-Replicated Websites: Many people think that using a company-replicated website is a quick and easy way of getting Internet marketing for their MLM up and running.  After all, the company would not create a BAD website, right?  Well, yes . . . and no.  It is true that most company replicated websites are extremely well done and effective -- at promoting the company! 

The problem is that these sites do NOTHING to further you positioning yourself and building YOUR business.  Here are the issues with these websites that make them a bad option to include as part the Internet marketing for your MLM that you use. 

First, they are geared toward one thing: promoting the company.  That is great for the company, but not so good for you.  You want to always lead with the BENEFIT that the product offers and with YOU being the expert who has this benefit as a solution to an issue or a problem that people have. 

Second, they have WAY more "stuff" on them then you want to have on any page you would want to use to which to send leads.  You want to keep it SIMPLE -- put out your main message and invite people to input their name and email address.  That's it...period.  You don't want to tell people about the compensation package, the management team or anything else related to those. 

So while having a ready-to-use website may seem like a great "shortcut," in reality it is not doing you and your business any favors.  You are much better off to create your own site, which can be as simple as a basic data capture page.

2. Internet Marketing For MLM Bad Shortcut #2 - "Guaranteed" Traffic Services: Another "shortcut" that you might be tempted to use as part of the Internet marketing for your MLM business is some kind or variation of a "guaranteed" traffic service.  If you're unfamiliar with these, there are certain businesses which promise for a fee to be able to deliver a certain number of visitors to your site.  Seems great on the surface, right?  You don't have to worry about doing all the work to generate traffic -- it's going to be delivered to you on a silver platter, and you will have "instant business" and an instant list.  Not so fast...

The truth is that while these type of services can perhaps deliver a certain number of people to your website, they may not be (and usually aren't ) the type of traffic that will grow your business.  There are a few problems with this though which makes this something you do not want to use as part of your strategy for Internet marketing for your MLM. 

First, you have no hand in knowing who these people are or how they came to be on your page.  They have no connection with you whatsoever, and you have no idea if they really have any need or interest in what you have to offer.  These are not leads you generated or attracted, so the chances that they will be people who will get on your list and create a relationship with you is pretty slim. 

Between what you spend and what you get, therefore, you are much better off to generate your own leads.  This is yet another "shortcut" that is no real shortcut at all.

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Internet Marketing For MLM - Avoid These "Shortcuts"

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This article was published on 2010/12/10