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If you're new to internet marketing, you will know how hard it is to make much money. In fact, you've probably spent more money in attempting to learn about internet marketing than you've made selling as an internet marketer.

If you'd like to become a successful internet marketer, the big problems seem to occur at the beginning. When you're new to the business, it's probable that you have no list, no products and no technical skills. In other words you're an unknown.

It's great if you're an internet marketing star, with several years standing. If that's you, you'll no doubt have very large mailing lists, lots of different products, teams of affiliates and in-house or outsourced technical skills. The other thing that happens as you climb the internet marketing ladder is that you become accepted in the guru's "club". It's well known that internet marketers in the "club" help each other to make sure their respective product launches are successful.

So, if you're not in this "club", can you make a living from internet marketing?

Well, what's for sure is that you won't succeed by simply following the advice the so called gurus sell you about internet marketing. What you need to do is "think outside the box".

This is what Lee McIntyre did. In 2007 Lee was a rookie internet marketer, and also a full time primary school teacher. What he did was to base his new internet marketing systems on his own original thought. Yes, Lee took the best of the advice offered by the gurus, but he enhanced it by adding his own unique twists and tweaks.

Despite having no list, no product, no technical expertise and zero online reputation, Lee made $7,230.95 in sales in 29 days!

Lee called his new approach Standing Start Profits. And he has created a training video showing the exact steps that he took.

If you're having trouble breaking through in internet marketing, get a free copy of Lee McIntyre's Standing Start Profits by Clicking Here.

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Standing Start Profits | How Lee McIntyre Does it!

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This article was published on 2010/11/11